Mr Yaz


Mr Yaz was born in Nancy in April 2012 from the meeting between the songwriter Yacine El Fath and professional musicians coming from various aesthetics and having to their credit collaborations with in particular: Charlie Winston, Maximilien Philippe, Doctor Flake or Caroline Rose.
Indeed, his music is a real melting pot mixing black American music from the 70’s and pop, all updated with more electronic sounds. Influenced by Bernhoft, Prince or even Bruno Mars, it is truly on stage that this project takes on its full meaning.
Already noticed in France as support of Higelin, Ibrahim Maalouf, Gilberto Gil, Dirty Loops, Carmen Maria Vega, etc …, but also in England (the Veils, Bambi, etc …), Mr Yaz seduces both the French and English-speaking public by its energy and live and the warmth of its contact with the public.

Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est qu’il a le groove !

Lords of Rock

Band composition

  • Yacine El Fath: vocals, guitar
  • Claire Chookie Jack: Bass
  • Stephane Escoms: Keyboards
  • Romain Di Loreto: Drum