Stellar Temple

Stellar Temple - la Compil du Grillen


Evolution/present/revolution (2018/2020)

STELLAR opens Pandora’s box, the group locks themselves in the studio and records over 40 new songs in two years. Total opening, sound experiments, the style evolves, the group does not neglect any track. It’s the right time to welcome a new singer, Yann Morel (Fall of Death) is that one, the creative spiral is growing … the style is refined … more radio, varied and effective, a modern crossover-rock but still authentic and intense.
The new tracks are there, very close, we meet the ghosts of David Bowie, Pink Floyd (with the presence on the track “2060” of a choir of young boys, the Maitrise des Garçons de Colmar) or the Queens of the Stone Age coupled with the modernity of 21 pilots, Royal Blood or the Chainsmokers !!!

Band composition

  • Vocals: Yann Morel
  • Guitar : David Huser
  • Bass : Marc Strebler
  • Drums: Nicolas nic-U Uhlen