Dark-electro-rock since 2003.

Created by the drummer of SKULL with 2 members of HOLLOWCORP .

  • 2004: Split-CD with SKULL, played as support for DIRTY THREE, DO MAY SAY THING, PARTY OF ONE.
  • 2004-2005: 3 chapters of experimental music (mini- cds).
  • 2006: First album “Don’t disturb the beast”, first video-clip “The Thin Red Line”, split-cd with Me As The Devil.
  • 2007: Second album “The old legend of black eagles”, played as support for pour Picore, Guns of Brixton, Kill the thrill
  • 2008: New album “Intense Reflections”, concerts with ZNO, Thomas Kieffer, Torso, …
  • 2009: live performances live with the troop of dance “Et qui m’ose”, new album “The end of anti-parallelism”
  • 2010: Played as support for Scott Kelly (Neurosis) and TRICKY. New album “Constellations
  • 2012: New album “a subtle line of understatement & tweak before…”, festival Supersound, Foire aux vins de Colmar
  • 2013: new EP “Weird dreams about death & african choreography”
  • 2014: new EP “Something went wrong when trying to like this sound…”
  • 2016: new EP “With a song about fornicating like an anti-Manichaeism point of view… et où il est question d’une hache qui attend son heure…”. New video “There will be blood”.
  • 2018: participation in the Newdeal Music project “A voodoo experience
  • 2020: fusion nic-U/twelve diversions for the live/album project GLIDE ON THE BLACK CLOUD

Band composition

  • nic-U : Nicolas Uhlen



Discover some tracks of nic-U in video :

And if you are a drummer or if you like Rollmops, this playlist is for you: